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Welcome To T C's Entertainment

If your looking to get married and are in need of a dj, don't think twice about me. I started out as a two man team, but have gone solo now and I can still get it done right. I go based off of what you(the bride and groom) would want.

Theres too much information about what I can do for your special day. I can first start off by letting you know that I do limit the amount of weddings that I do book out. I'm just like any other person that works a 40+ hour week at their normal job. I do weddings on the side so I do like to put in the extra time and effort to do your wedding right. I keep my magic number at 10 weddings per year. I don't want to burn myself out djing them. I do set a base rate that majority of them don't. I don't feel that 4 hours of music is enough time to play all the songs that you may want to hear. I do also play dinner music as a no extra charge and if the time runs into and over midnight and everyone is still dancing and having fun, I will keep playing. But there is usually a time frame of when I have to stop playing by. And for sound system, I bring out a full sound system and lights. Not just a couple of lights that won't make a difference when the lights go down. Since i'm doing this solo, I don't keep the money to myself, I put it back into company by improoving the sound and lights. Take a look at the website. Its not much because i'm not a web junkie. I love music and being active so I try not to be on here that much. I try to update it once or twice a year and hoping to keep the upcoming weddings page up to date so you can see if i'm available. Thanks for stoping by.

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